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Our goal is to not just teach self-defense techniques. We strive to help our kids develop self-confidence, coordination, & focus … to just name a few.
Our Video Gallery was developed for a few reasons:
1. To help our children develop pride in the techniques they learn. Through these videos, they have the opportunity to proudly teach what they know!
2. To have fun! We want our kids to learn valuable life-lessons, but who says it can’t be fun! We find that children are much more receptive to positive, fun atmosphere, and can still progress just as fast (if not faster) to a stricter martial arts environment. We work to develop Self-Discipline over Discipline.
3. We strive to teach our kids to become mentors. Through teaching, they learn to give back to the students that are newer in rank…
Basically “Paying it Forward!”
To create the best learning environment for our students, we believe one of the most important components is CULTURE. We strive to maintain a culture that is informative, yet fun!
At the same time we expect & train our students to carry themselves with the highest level of integrity & self-respect.
We find that building the environment that has the infrastructure for kids to positively develop, while providing them with the belief and support for them to develop these integral qualities themselves is the best formula for success.
Through this unique program , we have been successfully training kids of all ages for the past 25+ years!

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