2019 Tournament Weapons Training

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2019 Weapons Competition Training Beginning Now!

Dear Parents,

We at Karate Irvine, USSD Woodbridge want to wish you a Happy Holidays and a New Year!

In reflecting on different New Year’s Resolutions, one goal that we would like to accomplish is to develop, among our students, a high level of proficiency in using and performing with various Chinese & Japanese traditional weapons. United Studios of Self Defense will be having its 2019 Regional Tournament in June, and we have decided that our studio would like to make strong showing in weapons mastery.

The class is limited to 20 students and will be conducted by Sensei Ryan with help from the other black belts. Students can request a specific weapon, but the final decision for assigned weapon is Sensei Ryan’s.

The different weapons that will be taught are:

  • Chinese Broadsword

  • Nunchakus

  • Japanese Kama

  • Japanese Bo Staff

  • Chinese Spear

  • Chinese Fan

Each class will consist of intense practice to develop competency with the weapon and, when appropriate, sections of the weapon kata being taught. Students who sign up will receive up to two 1 hour lessons every week all the way up until the June Tournament.

We are offering a discount for early registration.

From December 10th-22nd
Total Price: $525
If Paid in full in advance: $475
or 6 payments of $87.50 each

After December 22nd
Total Price: $600
If paid in full in advance: $550
or 6 payments of $100 each


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